Julius Trees Parrish


Julius is a 23 year old autistic artist based in Viroqua Wisconsin. He shares a studio space with his mentor Pita Daniels. He paints with acrylics on canvas, and is most comfortable with abstract ideas. Under Pita’s guidance, Julius will often follow a theme or specific shape or texture for multiple paintings.

Julius loves bold bright colors, and will often follow a color palate over several canvases as well, or start a painting by looking at color first (rather than an idea, a model, or a picture).

Attending Waldorf schools for most of his education, Julius has enjoyed painting his entire life. Other than painting in school, Julius has no formal art training, with the exception of his work with his mentor Pita Daniels, and would be considered an “outsider artist”. His lack of formal art education, combined with his autism (and the lack of mental filters and restraints that go along with that), allow Julius to create from a very pure place. He just starts painting with abandon and intensity at the same time.